Junior Peruvian Champion


Junior Ch. Pisaq Of Dega Afghans

BIS & SBIS Regimes Picasso Of Keystone X Andros Miss Vida Bohem

 Winning its first ribbon at the tender age of 4 months. Pictured winning a Puppy All Breed RBIS under  Michael Tougas  from Canada

 Beautiful head , roman nose, small dark eyes , good length of neck, well laid back shoulders, excellent chest and front angulations, short back , powerful rear, exotic blue brindle color and effortless movement .

 Pisaq was sell to Venezuela on April 2005

Good Luck Pisaq

Ch. Regimes Picasso of Keystone Ch.Elmo´s Hawkeye Ch.Suraj Rhythm and Blues

Ch.Elmo´s Ladyhawke

Ch. Shenandoah Regime Chloe´s Charm Ch.Genesis Ambelike Silver Charm

Ch.Shenandoah Regime Shes Fablhaft

Andros Miss Vida Bohem Ch. Gazon The Truth Be Told Ch. Gazon Say What you Mean

Ch. Qamari Airs Above the Ground

Alloy´s Perpetua Chandar´s You Can Call me Al