Introducing another promising star ../ Presentamos otra promisoria estrella


 Xenia Dega Afghans

 Ch. Tawantisuyo Of Dega Afghans x Multi BIS & Multi Ch. Ribera of Dega Afghans

Xenia is now coowned with Toni Brum

 from Abdala Kennels in Rio de Janeiro and

will be soon shown at  brazilian rings !

Last pic of Xenia , at 14 months old ,and

before to leave Dega Afghans for her

new journey to Brasil

 Pictured at 9 month of age . This houndy looking girl is a well proportioned bitch with an atlethic body and a great disposition to work.. November 2011 .

Foto hecha a los 9 meses . Esta agil y esbelta hembra tiene un cuerpo atletico y una gran dsiposicion para el trabajo . 

Vista desde cualquier ángulo Xenia  muestra  una correcta construcción y balance cosa que lo demuestra en el movimiento 

From any angle , Xenia is well constructed and you can see this on the move

 Effortless movement with a proper reach and drive  . 

Movimientosin esfuerzo manteniendo una buena cobertura de terreno y gracias a un gram alcance y potente empuje . 

Ch. Tawantinsuyo Dega Afghans Ch.Onix of Dega Afghans Ch. Ghandi of Dega Afghans

Ch. F La boheme de Chaman and Dega

Paloma Andros O Dega


Ch.Regimes Picasso of Keystone

Ch. Andros Miss Vida Bohem


Ch. Ribera of Dega Afghans Ch. Quero of Dega Afghans Ch. Onix of Dega Afghans

Ch. Jazz of Chaman & Dega

Ch. Paracas of Dega Afghans Ch.Regimes Picasso of Keystone

Ch. Andros Miss Vida Bohem


Watch for Xenia  in the international scene  !

Pronto Xenia  en la escena internacional   !